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ASICS Retailer Showcase

Project Overview: When ASICS South Africa opened their offices locally, they needed a concise summary of their brand, product, and heritage, to showcase to all the local retailers. The problem was, they only had bits and pieces of global and local content hidden in nooks and crannies of The Cloud. MMM drew together all of this disparate photo and video content, developed a coherent script, and set about collating all of the visual material into a punchy, energetic, and logical overview of ASICS – something to get the retailers excited about their association with this proud brand.

Services offered: Concept Development, Creative Direction, Post-Production, Talent Management.

Application: Digital

Talent deployment: Catherine Grenfell (Voice Artist), Thoban Jappie (Audio Engineer), POST CT (Post Production)

Client: Asics // Dane Abramowitz (Digital Marketing Executive)

Deliverables: 1 x 3min Video Edit