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Cape Town Cycle Tour

Project Overview: The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the country’s largest sporting events – not only in terms of  scale and participants, but in its social impact too. MMM produced an extended video campaign focusing on the multitude of human stories related to this iconic race. Handling everything from concept development to post-production, we produced a series of 7 videos for social & 2 promos for airing on DSTV. Additionally, we provided our client with a library of stills and short-form video for their social platforms.

Services offered: Concept Development, Creative Direction, Content Production (Video and Stills), Post-Production, Talent Management

Application: Digital, TV

Talent deployment: Ryan Jarrett (DOP), Kevin Schnider (DOP), Tyrone Bradley (Photographer), Wayne Reiche (Photographer), Anthony Churchyard (Photographer), Jess Phillips (Video Editor), Alexander Higgins (Audio), Catherine Grenfell (Field Producer), Richard Vossgatter (Audio Mix & Master), Lloyd Metcalf (Audio & Video Assist)

Client: Worldsport // Chris Haber (Executive Producer)

Deliverables: 6 x 90sec Feature Videos // 1 x 3min Route Video // 2 x 60sec Promo Videos // 250 Photos

Chaeli Campaign

Jan Braai

Television Promos & Route Film