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Levi’s Pioneer Nation (Promo Campaign)

Hymie Sokupha – Alexandra Greening Route

Project Overview: Pioneer Nation Inspires, Connects And Empowers Young Entrepreneurs. Levi’s Pioneer Nation – an entrepreneurship conference, featuring 40 South African pioneers across diverse industries, sharing their unique stories and hard earned wisdom, alongside local mentors, business leaders and industry experts.

MMM was tasked with creating digital media for distribution across the client’s social media platforms, in the build up to the conference, by highlighting unique and interesting social entrepreneurs, through their backstories.

The client was able to run a consistent and compelling campaign across their digital platforms, made up of still images and moving pictures, generating awareness, building hype and selling tickets to the event.

16 Social Entrepreneurs were highlighted – their stories unfolding across multi-part video profiles, backed up by compelling still photographs.

Services offered: Concept Development, Creative Direction, Content Production (Video and Stills), Post-Production, Talent Management

Application: Digital

Talent deployment: Ryan Jarrett (DOP), Jonathan Wood (Photographer), Matthew James (Video Editor), Catherine Grenfell (Field Producer)

Client: Matchboxology // Cal Bruns (Chief Incubationist)

Deliverables: 16 Social Entrepreneur profiles, split over multiple instalments, totalling 39 videos (runtime 30-60 seconds per video)

Mpumelelo Mfula – Playground & RHTC

Mike Luptack – Dlala Nje

Inga Gubeka – Indalo Decor