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Olmeca Grietfest

Project Overview: Grietfest is a one-of-a-kind electronic festival held annually in a dusty container yard outside Johannesburg. MMM jumped in at the deep end of this primal party, and emerged with an after-movie that resonates on the same chaotic frequency created by the combination of techno and tequila. Within 72 hours of the final act, we had a super-charged 90-second video cut, with an accompanying folder of edited images, ready for our client to start sprinkling FOMO on their followers.

Services offered: Concept Development, Creative Direction, Content Production (Video), Post-Production, Talent Management

Application: Digital

Talent deployment: Ryan Jarrett (DOP), Catherine Grenfell (Field Producer), POST CT (Post Production)

Client: Olmeca // Simone Moita (Brand Manager), Nalisha Lalloo (Digital Marketing Manager)

Deliverables: 1 x 90sec Feature Video